Six People to a Group.

The golden rule for organising conference outings.

Are a bunch of your co-workers and friends at DogeConf? Are you meeting for a quarterly review? Chances are, there are a lot of people in town! And you want to hang out with all of them!

Please: don’t.

Four people to a table is a fantastic number: you can get a table anywhere, it’s easy to work around dietary restrictions, and you can interact with everyone at the table.

Six people should be your absolute maximum. Any more people draws attention to your group, then even more people will join you. Before you know it, you can only eat at McDonald’s or The Olive Garden.

I know, I know: you’re trying to be social by inviting all those people. You don’t want anyone to feel left out! But this backfires: there are too many people at the table to even hear, nevermind speak with; non-native English speakers find it harder to keep up; and there will still be someone who is left out.

How to do it:

The next time you’re at a conference and you get four people together: go get some dinner! Stop waiting around and at least leave the conference area if you need to stand around on your phone or discuss plans.

If a few stragglers join you, you’re still at six. But that’s the limit: no more!

Now you can socialise with everyone at the table!

Bon appétit !